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Tailor-made financing solutions

financing on demand of your project for LED display panel led led screen panel

You want to purchase a LED screen? You hesitate between purchase and rent? You are looking for financing facilities?


Cocktail Vision is able to offer you the financing solutions best suited to your constraints.


Let us have a detailed work about purchase or rent options, loans with or without option to buy, spreading, credit terms.

In order to give everyone the opportunity to benefit from our latest innovative products, we can offer you all standard or customised LED displays, digital easels, Holovis'Yon (holograms) or other rental products (without any commitment to take back) for the duration that suits you best.


All types of formats

A 5m², 5 mm pitch outdoor digital totem will cost 23 000 € before tax if you want to buy it.
If you intend to rent it with no buy option the monthly cost will amount to 1 078 €, overa 24 months spread, or to a monthly to 737 € over a 36 month spread.

cocktail vision totem offers totem vision panel screen led company screen

In the same way our 2.5 mm pitch outdoor digital stand costs 152 € per month on a 36 month spread or 220 € over a 24 month spread (net sale price: 4500 €).

digital indoor easel for your company in france

We do keep prices low. Thanks to our digital GUSTAV’ BY COCKTAIL start up, the Holovis’Yon varies from a 2 500 € before tax unit price to a monthly rent of only 84 €before tax over a 36 month spread (122 € before tax over a 24 month spread).

holo visyon cap cocktail cap vision hologram

All types of formats