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Cocktail vision,
the specialist of
dynamics display in france

French manufacturer and designer of professional screens for local authorities and companies.

The advertising luminous Cocktail Vision screens occupy strategic places within towns, attracting any public’s attention. They will give you dynamic and effective digital communication space.
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Cocktail Vision proposes a large scale of professional LED screens, be they indoor or outdoor, and enables dynamizing your image and visibility!
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Virtuous solution
Virtuous Solution

Thanks to its technological choices and investments Cocktail Vision brings concrete, relevant and modern solutions to environmental issues and falls within the scope of sustainable development. Cocktail Vision advocates digital display and therefore promotes reduced use of paper, glue, ink and solvents usually resorted to for paper display. The installation of LED screens spares 3500 m² of paper a year and its carbon footprint is 7 times smaller than the one of a “classical” display screen (cf. ADEME)


Nobel Prize winner

Nobel Prize
for physics
in 2014


The technological innovation represented by light and image diffusion through electroluminescent diodes (also called LEDS) was awarded the 2014 on account of unrivalled luminosity, reduced consumption of energy (20/25% less than “classical” bulbs and durability, which is 100 times longer than the one of an incandescent bulb. To sum it up, LED display is more effective, more sustainable, and consumes less.

+ more than 354
trees saved
active diodes

Cocktail Vision supported by the French government's recovery plan

the French government's recovery plan
The interactive card
More than 200 faces to display your dynamic ads in the city.

Our Advertising


In 2005 we were the first advertising sales division to install digital screens for our public communication network, and therefore are the most experienced actor in this sector.


Its strong development makes it today the largest outdoor large format led advertising network in France with a network of more than 200 faces spread over 42 municipalities.


Integrated studio

The video & computer graphics creation studio

We will meet all our customer’s needs, be it for advertising sale or purchase and rent of luminous LED screens. Cocktail Vision teams have their own video creation and infographics studio for the making of your contents (animations, video clips, synthesis images, 3D…) and their programming.



The Video Creation & Motion Design Studio

& guarantees


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Cocktail Vision welcomes new work experience students!

Cocktail Vision welcomes new work experience students!

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Our innovative
LED screen



With Cocktail Vision LED screens all your projects are possible. Their only limit will be the one of your imagination 

Local authorities
  • Digital screens for town news
  • Indoor LED screens for sport halls, multi-purpose halls,
  • interactive digital advertising hoarding. C.f VIS’YON’S digital column
LED displays / Panels Outdoor / Outdoor
  • Totem
  • Wall or suspended signs
  • Digital stands
LED displays / Panels Indoor / Indoor
  • Display screens in the window
  • Wall or suspended panel
  • Easel
LED display / Panels Tailor-made

Exceptional projects such as:

  • Cylindric LED screens
  • Vis’Yon’s digital column
  • All screen sizes to be fixed behind an already made showcase.
Showcase Led screen shop window display
  • Indoor LED signs
  • Digital totems
  • Any LED screen size to integrate at the back of specific showcases

PUBLISHING software The "Cocktail Player" Only a LED screens is a good thing, having the tools to steer it easily is better! This is why Cocktail Vision has decided to couple its LED screens with a simple-to-use and flexible steering software: the “Cocktail Player” that we FREELY put at your disposal.

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“Gustav’ by Cocktail” digital workshop has been launched to meet more advanced needs about the hologram: - Virtual reality - Augmented reality - Specific smartphone applications - Motion capture- 3D printing - Interactive visual devices - Please refer to!


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The Vendée continues to develop its vocational training and higher education offer. In January 2019, a new centre dedicated to digital images will open in La Roche-sur-Yon: Cocktail Vision, leader in digital signage and EEGP, the École Supérieure d'Arts Appliqués et de Design, have joined forces to create: CAMPUS COCKTAIL PARTY. See you on!